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Health Services - SPS Staff Forms

NOTE: The staff forms are in transition to this site. If you cannot find a form, or find one that is incorrect or outdated, please alert Web Help so we can investigate. Thank you!

Annual Status Report

Digestive Disorder Health Care Plan

  • PDF
    Last update: Sep 06, 2018

Graduating Senior Forms

Head Injury Notification

  • PDF
    Last update: Aug 01, 2012

Immunization Requirements for 6th grade Entry

Immunization Second Notification Reminders



Immunizations - Emergency Expulsions

Immunizations: Minimum Vaccines Required 2016-2017

Immunizations: Minimum Vaccines Required 2018-2019


Notice of Child's Conditional Immunization Status

Parent Notification Letters

Severe Allergic Reaction Plan And Medication Orders

  • PDF
    Last update: Mar 20, 2018

Washington State Health Laws (WAC)

Washington State Immunization Registry