Class of 2020 Senior Pictures

Deadline: November 16, 2019

Email to or

  • Photo size requirements

    • MUST be vertical, 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall (600 X 900 pixels or 2 X 3 inches at 300 resolution).
  • Important information

    • Photographs can be color or black and white.
    • If you do not have a professional photograph, the yearbook staff or Dorian will be glad to take one for you. Email for this service or stop by N131.
    • Students who do not provide a photo will have their school photo placed unless unavailable.
    • Current photographs of seniors ideally displaying ¾ shot (waist up) are requested.
    • While we want you to express yourself through your senior photo, please keep it respectful.
    • We will NOT accept the following:
      • horizontal pictures
      • photos downloaded from Facebook or Instagram (image quality is too poor)
      • photos with other people
      • photos with inappropriate content or dress (School dress code applies to senior pictures)
      • photos with excessive photo manipulation (overly Photoshopped, collages, etc.)
      • photos of seniors dressed in a costume
    • The yearbook staff has the right to deny photos that don’t comply with our expectations. An additional photo will be requested.
    • A list will be posted with names of seniors who have turned in their photo and quote near the offices. Please keep an eye out for this list and make sure your photo and quote are in.
    • It is up to you to make sure your photo and quote have been received.
  • Senior Quote Requirements

    • Senior quote will be placed under your senior picture in the yearbook.
    • Senior quote must be less than 125 characters, including the credit. If quotes are too long, we will cut them to fit.
    • GIVE CREDIT for all quotes.
    • If the same quotes are submitted, we will use the first one received.
    • Warning: Any quotes that are suggestive, crude, rude, or obscene will not be included in the book.
    • Think carefully about what you want to put as your senior quote because it will live forever in the yearbook.

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