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AD485MA12PM Learning Improvement Day - Afternoon Sessions: 1st Grade - Bridges: Beginning the Year With Routines and Structure (Choice A)

This workshop provides clarity around what Spokane Public Schools believes is important for students to experience academic success within Elementary Mathematics. The Math Adoption Committee identified best practices they felt were crucial for student success. Math workshop and meaningful discourse are two such practices. In this workshop you will not only go deeper with Bridges routines and structures, but will also have the opportunity to make and take items for your upcoming unit. In addition, you will learn about supports available for you during your first year using Bridges.
Target Audience: Grade 1
Participant Please Bring: Bridges Unit 1 Number Corner Volume 1
Instructor(s): Tricia Gessele
Enrollment is not available because the course has ended.
Date(s) Location Room  
8/29/2017 12:15pm - 3:30pm TBA Please see email for specific location