Frequently used policies

The following overview highlights the most commonly used policies and procedures related to students. Each policy and procedure provides answers to the questions listed below its topic.

3122   Absences

  • What are valid excuses for absences and tardies?
  • How do you excuse an absence?
  • What are the guidelines for making up assignments ?
  • What happens when a student receives an  unexcused absence or tardy?
  • How does Juvenile Court get involved for unexcused absences?

3131   Transfers to schools within Spokane Public Schools

  • How are schools assigned based on where you live?
  • How do you  transfer to another school? 

3141   Transfers if you live outside of Spokane Public Schools

  • How do you transfer into SPS?

3207   Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)

  • What is HIB?
  • What are our commitments to stopping HIB?
  • Who do you tell if you see HIB?
  • What do you do and how do you complain if somebody is harassing, intimidating or bullying?
  • What happens after you complain?

3210   Nondiscrimination

  • What are our commitments to equal education opportunity for students?
  • Types of discrimination defined.
  • What do you do and how do you complain about discrimination?
  • What happens after you complain? 

3240   Student Behavior

  • What are our commitments and values related to being responsible, respectful and safe at school?
  • What are the rules for conduct?
  • What are restorative practices – in other words, how do we fix harm?
  • What happens when rules aren’t followed?
  • How can you plead your case if you receive correction or discipline?
  • What are the bus rules?
  • What is the process for reentry after serving a suspension? 

3246   Restraint, Isolation, Use of Force

  • What are our values and responsibilities related to students’ need to be free from unreasonable restraint, isolation and force?
  • When are these actions reasonable – that is, when they can/can’t be used?
  • What do  you do and how do you complain if you think these actions weren’t right or fair? 

2410   Graduation Requirements and Certificates

  • What are the requirements for graduation? 

2421   Promotions, Retention, Acceleration and Grade Placement

  • How are decisions made for the each of these actions?

2161   Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students

  • What are Special Education Services?
  • What is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?
  • How are IEPs developed, implemented, and reviewed?

2162   Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504

  • What student rights are protected under Section 504 Law?
  • What is a 504 Plan?
  • How are 504 Plans developed, implemented, and reviewed?