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Questions for topic Safety


Why were students and staff not informed for the reason behind Wednesday's lockdown? Was this decision made at the district or building level?

I have no problem with the lockdown occurring , but I do have serious problems with the school not providing information to their students, much less their staff!

As it always does, lack of information led to increased fear, anxiety and rumors. Students were using their own devices (many young children carry phones now) to try and gather information and A. not finding reliable sources B. not understanding Freeman's location relative to their specific school. Some students found information that led them to believe their own family was in jeopardy and spread misinformation.

Many of your students have parents, or other family members, working in or attending small neighboring districts. Your inability, or unwillingness, to provide specific, age-appropriate information led to unnecessary immense emotional pain for the children who are entrusted to you! You then had the audacity to tweet advice on how to talk to children about these issues.

It is appalling that SPS has such lack of confidence in their staff they did not provide information to teachers in a timely manner. Many staff members have family members in other SPS buildings and neighboring districts. Telling SPS staff what is going on alleviates stress, allows staff to appropriately reassure students, and increases their ability to focus on their students, knowing whether or not their family is impacted.

While communication with the public regarding the lockdown was great, you need to take a hard look at how you treat those within your organization.