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Please use this site to submit general questions about Spokane Public Schools. Questions about individual students or teachers should be directed to the principal or school director. We will post answers as soon as possible. Check the questions below to see if your question has already been answered.

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I had children in Dist 81 and now have grandkids in Dist 81. I am seriously concerned about the significant increase in days that elementary schools are closed, or have early release times, for teacher in-service days, parent-teacher conferences, etc., and now potential late-start days. I am very worried that Dist 81 is creating very unsafe latchkey situations for hundreds if not thousands of students. Many families have two working parents who have to be at work at a specific time. Many of these do not have "drop-of-a-hat" childcare for random school closures, or cannot afford childcare. It seems that a lot of decisions have been made to convenience teachers, without much thought to how the children and their parents are impacted by no-school days and early releases. Do you folks really think that all the children are in safe environments when both Mom and Dad work and you decide to close school for whatever reason? Mom and Dad cannot just go into work late or stay home every Friday that school is closed. Many daycare facilities do not accept children for random days, or the parents cannot afford to pay. I did not find anything about this on this website, and am surprised that there has not been more concern expressed about this situation. Not every family has extended family members or neighbors who can step in to help with child supervision. I truly feel that Dist 81 is CREATING latchkey situations for lots of children, and parents are expected to "just deal with" whatever the school district decides in relation to school closures. I have gladly taken our grandchildren for many of the school closure days, but it's foolish to think that every school child has a safe environment to be in when both parents work. I understand that teachers are overworked, but maybe there should be some alternate solutions considered? Thank you for the opportunity to express my concern.


Having talked to many, many students and staff members in the Odyssey Program, it seems the Spanish Immersion Kindergarten is causing disruptions for students who were already housed in the Libby Center.

6th graders are not permitted to cross the hall when kindergartners are walking in them. Kindergarten teachers stop Odyssey classes from traveling in the halls, so "the little kids can cross", making middle school students on regimented bell schedules late for their next class and interrupting instruction. Odyssey students stand around the gym during PE, or are forced into the fitness room for age-inappropriate PE class because "the little kids are here", etc. Kindergartners have no business sharing the gym with students that much older. Who puts two classes of students with a minimum of 4 years age difference together in the same gym? The physical difference at these ages is tremendous.

How will SPS address the encroachment on physical space, curriculum delivery, and school culture presented by this year's kindergartners becoming first graders next year and a new group of kindergartners arriving?

Just because one building may have space, doesn't mean four DISTINCT programs should be run out of it (Libby, Spanish Kindergarten, SVS, and all of the admin meetings that occur there).

Odyssey students are already in a rough part of town, their playground is a joke and not age-appropriate, they take classes in portables, pipe wrapping insulation is exposed in the gym, etc.....and yet SPS (which holds up Odyssey alumni as some of the best and brightest in the district) is forcing these students out of their own building; and when they are in the building, disrupting their education.

You can't have it all. Or, if you do, you need to have the space already in place before you implement new programs.

What are your plans for the Odyssey students and other occupants of the Libby Center?